Jose A. Suro - Fine Art Photography


"I could have never been a poet.....  My mind’s words are too rational, too technical.

This inability to translate my visual experiences into meaningful words is why I choose to photograph instead.

Photography is the visual language of my mind. And the prints are my memories, my mind's images of those visual experiences."




My parents encouraged my technical side and introduced me to picture taking at a very early age with a Santa delivered Brownie Holiday Flash camera. It was not until high school though when I really fell in love with photography. I inherited my Father's superb Yashica-Mat_LM  and became a member of the school's photography club, where I learned how to develop and print black and white film. During college I came to know the Nikon system, which I still use to this day. I also studied Ansel Adam's Zone System and did some limited but successful commercial photography. 

Many years of intense work as a business analyst, kept me away from creative photography until recently, when with more time on my hands, I became re-involved in astronomy, another one of my passions. My knowledge of photography quickly led to astrophotography and I won two astrophotography contests that first year. This also led to a resurgence of my terrestrial landscape photography and now my works have been published in magazines, multiple sites on the Internet and are sold as large fine art prints.

These days I use a number of different systems, but I have returned to film and now most of my work is done using a large format film camera.



My love for the sky, the sea and the objects in them inspire me to produce images where most always these elements play a central role. With age and time I have come to realize how short our stay in this beautiful world of ours is, and how fragile and encumbered it all has become in my lifetime. Most of us leave nothing to be remembered by except for fleeting memories. My long term photography goal is to leave a faithful and permanent record of the world as I've seen it.


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