Jose A. Suro - Fine Art Photography


All photographs are available in extremely limited edition series. The details of each photograph can be viewed in all galleries by letting the slideshow run its course. An alternative is to stop the slide show by clicking on the pause button that pops up left of the images as the mouse travels between the displayed image and the thumbnails below it, or by simply clicking on any image, stopping the slideshow.

Prints are available in the following ratios, sizes and editions. Custom sized prints are also available and could be editioned as 1/1:

Medium Ratio Size Edition*
Film 1:1 a: 16x16 25~35
    b: 24x24 25~35
    c: 36x36 25~35
  2:1 a: 24x48 25~35
    b: 30x60 15~35
  3:1 a: 20x60 15~35
    b: 28x84 15~35
  4:5 a: 16x20 25~35
    b: 24x30 25-35
    C: 32x40 25~35
    c: 40x50 15~35
Digital 1:1 a: 8x8 50-100
    b: 16x16 25~100
    c: 24x24** 25~100
  2:1 a: 8x16 25~100
    b: 16x32 25-100
    c: 24x48** 25~100
  3:1 a: 5x16 25-100
    b: 16x48** 25-100
  3:2 a: 10.5x16 25~100
    b:16x24 25-100
    b: 20x30 25~100
  4:5 a: 8x10 50-100
    b: 16x20 25~100
    c: 24x30** 25~100

* Numbers for each individual print series will vary. Please see the information below each print image in the portfolios.

** Available only in a very limited number of prints depending on print detail and content

*** Available in Gallery Wrapped Canvas only


Prints are produced on different papers and canvases specific to each print series at the discretion of the artist. Each print is an individually commissioned work. Prints are made on demand to the limit of the editions. This ensures that prints have the maximum freshness and longevity at the time of delivery. Once the limit of the edition is reached the print master is destroyed, guaranteeing the integrity of the print edition release.  A signed and dated Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) is provided with each print. Please follow this link for an example: Certificate of Authenticity  Some prints will have additional editions produced in a size different from the original release, but the series will never exceed the number in the edition of origin. For example, a print edition might start as a single 40x50 series of 25 prints and subsequently an edition of 32x40 might be added but only 25 prints would be produced in the additional edition.

Print Pricing:

Prints are priced according to their sizes and edition numbers. They vary from $50 to $1500 US dollars. Please email for a specific print price.

Print Production:

The print preparation and approval cycle takes about one week. When shipping is taken into account, delivery time is usually around two weeks or sooner.  

All prints carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the print(s) a full refund will be issued, excluding return shipping, no questions asked. Prints must be returned in their original condition and packaging.


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